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The haptic dialogue as an option of individual development in therapy and pedagogics

Interdisciplinary symposium about the sensorimotor method Work at the Clayfield®

The symposium will offer room for presentations on recent research around the method Work at the Clayfield® and discussions with professionals from other disciplines. There will be keynotes, workshops and poster presentations.

The keynotes (30 minutes) should mainly focus on recent knowledge and research.

The poster presentations are useful to present illustrated documentations of projects.

The workshops (90 minutes) will be equally represented by a professional from Work at Clayfield® and a professional from the fields of education or therapy. The representatives should have similar expertise with the topic (e.g. early or therapeutic support within outpatient rehabilitation of children; or complementary therapy of adults with mental disorders etc.). Representatives for the workshops can team up in advance and jointly submit a proposal. For all remaining questions and help with finding partners for the presentations please contact us at tonfeldverein[at] .

The results of the workshops – from the first questions to the specific proposition – will be exchanged at a panel discussion. We hope to demonstrate a wide and diverse range and issues.

Deadlines [extended!]:

  • 15 Mar 2020: Deadline for the submission of the abstract
  • 19 Apr 2020: Deadline for the feedback on approval/rejection of the submission
  • 31 Mai 2020: Deadline for the final version of the contribution
Submit a contribution

Please note that contributions to the event can only be sent using the form on this website. Other types of email or letters cannot be processed.